Assistant Director for Accreditation and International Cooperation Duska Radmanovic attended on May 12, 2021 the session of the Executive Board of the Central and Eastern European Network of Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (CEENQA) as a member of the Board.

The Board discussed preparations for the fourth bi-monthly meeting of all CEENQA agencies, scheduled for May 19, 2021, to present topics of virtual visits during the pandemic, as well as the participation of key stakeholders in the work of the agencies.

The Executive Board discussed the topics for the upcoming General Assembly, and decided to hold the assemblies online in October 2021. The Assembly will have two working groups, the first dedicated to the way agencies work during the epidemic, and the second to the way higher education institutions work in the stated conditions.

Board member Olgun Cicek coordinates the work of the first working group, and Radmanovic coordinates the work of the second working group in front of the Executive Board.

Radmanovic has been a member of the CEENQA Executive Board since April 2017, and has also served as vice president of the network.



In order to prepare for the second seminar for representatives of higher education institutions, the Agency for Higher Education of the Republic of Srpska organized a meeting of the Expert Ranking Team, which was held on May 11, 2021. via the Zoom app.

As part of the preparations for the ranking of higher education institutions in the Republic of Srpska, a series of seminars for representatives of higher education institutions are being held, and the second seminar "Bibliometric Basis of Ranking" is planned for Friday, May 14, 2021. when a member of the Expert Team prof. Pero Sipka, PhD, from the Center for Evaluation in Education will present the method of collecting and processing bibliometric data.

The meeting discussed the methodology of data collection, relevant scientific journals that will be taken into account, and other issues of importance for the upcoming seminar.

The expert ranking team consists of the following composition:

  •  prof. Dr. Darko Petković from the University of Zenica (team leader),
  •  prof. Dr. Mile Dzelalija from the University of Split, Croatia
  •  prof. Dr. Pero Shipka from the Center for Evaluation and Evaluation, Belgrade, Serbia and
  •  prof. Dr. Tadeja Jere Jakulin from the University of Primorska, Koper, Slovenia.

Assistant Director for Accreditation and International Cooperation Duska Radmanovic participated in the webinar "Online Quality Assurance - Experiences of ENQA Agencies" held on Wednesday, May 5, 2021, organized by the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA). 

The webinar featured short inputs from six ENQA members, covering a range of aspects related to conducting external quality assurance in an online format.

  • Unexpected lessons learnt: Providing guidelines and inspiration in times of pandemic
    Isabel Ortega and Eva Sánchez, ACPUA (Spain)
  • Adapting Training for a Happy Virtual External Review Team
    Marie Gould, QQI (Ireland)
  • Virtual Audits in ANECA’s International Quality Labels Program (SIC) in Times of Pandemic
    María-Ángeles Serrano García, ANECA (Spain)
  • COVID-19 pandemic – the catalyst for a greater use of ICT for assessment purposes
    Jolanta Silka, AIC (Latvia)
  • Pros & Cons of Hybrid Site-visits by THEQC
    Aslihan Nasir, THEQC (Turkey)
  • Developing quality assurance for online higher education in Georgia for the post-pandemic ‘New Normal’
    Lali Giorgidze and Anca Greere, NCEQE (Georgia)

The webinar was moderated by ENQA Director, Maria Kelo.


Representatives of the Agency for Higher Education of the Republic of Srpska participated on May 5, 2021, in the second consultative meeting of the Regional Working Group for the Recognition of Academic Qualifications within the Agreement on the Recognition of Academic Qualifications in the Western Balkans.

The meeting, which was of a working nature, discussed the future look of the draft Agreement on the Recognition of Academic Qualifications in the Western Balkans and the organization of the meeting of the Working Group in Podgorica during May 2021.

The working meeting was organized by the Regional Cooperation Council, which is also the coordinator of activities within the agreement process with the active participation of representatives of the European Commission.




Director of the Agency for Higher Education of the Republic of Srpska (AVORS) Prof. Biljana Vojvodic, PhD, and director of the Agency for Development of Higher Education and Quality Assurance at the level of BiH institutions (HEA) Prof. Enes Hasic. PhD, held a working meeting on April 29, 2021, in which they agreed on cooperation between the two institutions in all key segments of work, such as accreditation of study programs, development of measurable quality indicators within the accreditation criteria, and the dynamics of updating the List of Experts.

The meeting was also attended by the Deputy Directors of HEA from the ranks of the Serbian and Croatian people, Stevo Skrbic, MA, and Irena Sisko, MA, as well as direct associates in charge of accreditation issues from both Agencies.