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Accreditation of Study Programs


The process of accreditation of study programs at higher education institutions included 399 study programs within the first cycle of studies, of which 318 study programs are conducted at universities, and 81 study programs at higher schools. Of these study programs, 163 are conducted at public higher education institutions, and 236 at private ones. Within the second cycle of studies at higher education institutions, 227 study programs are conducted, of which 145 study programs at public higher education institutions, and 82 at private ones. In the third cycle of studies, 28 study programs are performed, of which 24 are performed at public and 4 at private higher education institutions. 51 study programs are accredited in accordance with the envisaged legal regulations in the field of higher education in the Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina, 10 study programs are in the process of accreditation, while the rest are in the process of preparation for accreditation. All these study programs have initial accreditation, ie they have passed the licensing procedure and are on the list of Licensed Higher Education Institutions and Study Programs in The Republic of  Srpska run by the Ministry for Scientific and Technological Development, Higher Education and Information Society of The Republic of Srpska.

The accreditation procedure includes the review of the study program with an expert opinion aimed at assessing the compliance of the structure and content of the study program with applicable standards in certain educational and scientific fields, and requirements related to learning outcomes, qualifications and occupations of graduates.