Head title HEAA RS

The Register of accredited Higher Education Institutions in Republika of Srpska

* The Rulebook on the Supplement to the Rulebook on the Accreditation of Higher Education Institutions and Study Programs in Article 1, paragraph 2) regulates that higher education institutions that are in the re-accreditation process are considered accredited until the completion of the re-accreditation procedure, and for a maximum of two years.


No. Name of Higher Education Institution WEB Site of Institution Number and Date of the Decision on Accreditation / Supplemental Decision Date of Reaccreditation The Report The Reviewer Report
1. University of Business Studies in Banja Luka

01/1.3.40-2-6-3/18 dated 12/20/2019

Reaccreditation Process completed
2. Banja Luka College

01/1.3.36-1-5-3/18 dated 10/15/2019

Reaccreditation Process completed
3. Independent University of Banja Luka

01/1.3.38-1-6/18 dated 10/15/2019

Reaccreditation Process completed
4. University of East Sarajevo

01/1.3.66-6/18 dated 03/26/2019

Reaccreditation Process completed
5. University of Banja Luka

01/1.4.92-7/18 dated 03/26/2019

Reaccreditation Process completed
6. College of Business Service 69-2/12 dated 02/27/2014 Institution in Reaccreditation Process- Letter of Expectation  
7. Sinergija University, Bijeljina 01/1.3.65-6-3/18 dated 08/09/2019 Reaccreditation Process completed
8. Banja Luka College of Communications Kappa Phi

100-12/13 dated 03/19/2014 

01/1.5.100-12-1/13 dated 03/15/2019

Document Supplementation Procedure  
9. Slobomir P University

85-8/14 dated 12/26/2014

01/1.5.85-8-1/14  dated 01/16/2020

Prerequisite check in progress  
10. Pan-European University "APEIRON"

01/1.3.74/16 dated 03/24/2016

01/1.3.74-1/16 dated 03/04/2021

Institution in Reaccreditation Process*  

"Primus" College, Gradiska


Institution has stopped operating since the academic year 2018/2019 01/1.3.78/16 dated 03/28/2016    
12. College of Applied and Legal Sciences "Prometej", Banja Luka

01/1.3.107/16 dated 04/03/2016

01/1.3.107-1/16 dated 04/14/2021

Prerequisite check in progress  
13. College of Business and Technical Education Doboj 01/1.3.153/17 dated 10/04/2017 10/04/2022  
14. University of Business and Management Engineering Banja Luka 01/1.3.152/17 dated 10/04/2017 10/04/2022  
15. College of Economy and Informatics Prijedor   Prerequisite check in progress    
16. University of Bijeljina   Institution in Accreditation Process
17. College of Medicine Prijedor   Institution in Accreditation Process
18. College of Information Technology, Economy and Entrepreneurship   Document Supplementation Procedure    
19. College of Cosmetology and Aesthetics, Banja Luka   Document Supplementation Procedure    
20. Medical College of Health Doboj   Institution in Accreditation Process