The Head of Quality Assurance and International Cooperation Department, Duska Radmanovic, attended on October 27th session of the Executive Board of the Central and Eastern European Network of Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (CEENQA) as a member of the Board.

The Board discussed preparations for the second bimonthly meeting of all CEENQA agencies scheduled for November 17, 2020, at which coordinators on behalf of the Board, Martina Vidlakova and Duska Radmanovic, are scheduled to present a program to exchange agency staff in the new conditions of the declared Corona virus pandemic.

The organization, structure and competencies of the Higher Education Accreditation Agency of Republika Srpska will also be presented at the meeting, as well as the results of the thematic analysis on the quality of teaching at higher education institutions in Republika Srpska during the distance learning process.

The Executive Board discussed the topics for the upcoming General Assembly, and decided to postpone the Assembly for the fall of 2021, when, in accordance with the possibilities of travel, it will be decided whether the Assembly will be held online. It was decided to adjust the topics to the current situation faced by all agencies, and the assembly will have two working groups, the first dedicated to the way agencies work during the epidemic, and the second to the way higher education institutions work in these conditions.

It was agreed that Olgun Cicek should coordinate first work group and Radmanovic should coordinate the work of the second working group in front of the Executive Board, and that the existing staff exchange program within the network would be adjusted to the new circumstances by suggesting participation in online visits to higher education institutions and study programs.

Radmanovic has been a member of the CEENQA Executive Board since April 2017 and has also served as vice president of the network.

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